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Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Test: Ist Ihr Windows ein Original?

Single-File-Version (05.06.1999)

Index-Based-Version (Archive - filtered view)

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Symptom Date Source D/L
enNet Watcher: Lines Appear in Share Name When Scrolled16.11.2006Q89973293
enPrint Manager Help Error: Cannot Use CTRL+UP ARROW14.10.2003Q89977276
enHow to Uninstall Windows Sound System14.11.2003Q90025216
enACC: Remote ODBC Tables Are Read-Only Without a Unique Index18.01.2007Q90100399
enACC: How Microsoft Access Deletes Objects from a Database18.01.2007Q90129269
enUsing Graphics Within a Help File18.11.2003Q90291272
enCauses of Help Compiler Error 505906.11.1999Q90292295
enUsing NET TIME Command to Set Workgroup Clocks10.10.2003Q90334334
enWD97: How to Use Nested IF Fields in a Mail Merge Document14.11.2000Q903931.520
deClick on Scroll Box May Cause Value to Change08.01.2003Q90394155
dePRB: All Drop-Down & List-type Boxes Have Vertical Scroll Bars08.01.2003Q90395146
deUsing a Mouse with FoxBASE+ and FoxBASE Central23.10.1999Q90409230
dePRB: Frequent System Errors in FoxBASE+/Mac23.10.1999Q90417191
deOptimizing FoxBASE+ Searches with SEEK and FIND23.10.1999Q90420126
enWFWG Err Msg: Application Has Violated System Integrity10.10.2003Q90422306
enWhat Is a Clean Boot for Windows for Workgroups?17.09.1999Q90511257
enHOWTO: How To Export Data from a DLL or an Application21.11.2006Q90530284
enAlgorithm Used by the XIRR() Function15.08.2005Q90728407
enInformation on System Resources in Windows07.07.2005Q90762308
enACC: How to Check a Menu Item Using Access Basic09.05.2003Q90811250
enACC: Network Users Can Open Their Own SYSTEM.MDW Exclusively18.01.2007Q90851338
enACC: Connecting to the First Available Network Drive09.05.2003Q90861286
enShare Names With a "$" Character at the End Are Hidden18.01.2007Q90929286
enACC: How to Use Get, WritePrivateProfileString Functions 1.x/
enOrder in Which Applications Load from the StartUp Group26.11.2003Q91204351
en"Can't Bind Name '[XXX]'" Error Message with Crosstab Query18.01.2007Q91710321
enPC Gen: Novell NetWare and NCP Calls -- General Information30.10.2006Q92369275
enBUG: Cannot Map TT Font to Same Name PostScript Device Font11.02.2005Q92411321
enHelp Fonts Must Use ANSI Character Set12.01.2000Q92422309
enPC Ext: External Mail Program's -Qx Option30.10.2006Q92438301
enPC DB: Preventing .KEY Files from Locking Up on Networks30.10.2006Q92439291
enWindows 3.1 and Serial Communications04.08.2004Q92447215
de"Syntax Error in Module Definition File"; 'segmentname'08.01.2003Q92457176
deCannot Have Negative Values for Left & Top Properties08.01.2003Q92458158
deWrong Makefile Loaded by FD.EXE08.01.2003Q92459182
deUse of VARPTR$() On Objects or Their Properties Unpredictable08.01.2003Q92460174
enErr Msg with Infinite Disk: One of the Library Files Needed...12.10.2003Q92463343
enPPT: Text Shadows Don't Print Properly to PCL Printers16.08.2005Q92473433
enUsing the Setup Toolkit Function StampResource()12.11.1999Q92525256
enINFO: Reasons for Failure of Bitmap Functions11.02.2005Q92529279
enBUG: CreatePatternBrush() with Large Bitmap GP Fault06.11.1999Q92531318
enIs DdePostAdvise Synchronous?02.08.2004Q92540367
enWFWG: GP Fault in Video Driver When Using ClipBook Viewer10.10.2003Q92577366
enWhat is a Clean Boot for WFWG 3.1 with Novell Connectivity25.09.1999Q92603291
enInvalid Err Msg in Print Manager w/14-Character Machine Name26.11.2003Q92634282
enSome Fonts Are Not Displayed in WordPerfect with Windows
enACC: Defragment and Compact Database to Improve Performance18.01.2007Q92681956
enACC: Limit on ANDs in SQL Select Statement28.05.2003Q92690308
enTerminating a SCSI Device01.11.2006Q92765305
enROM BIOS Shadowing Not an Advantage with Windows NT31.10.2006Q92766334
deUse of ON TIMER In Overlays Can Cause EXE to Exit or Hang08.01.2003Q92770157
enPC Win: Spelling and Custom Dict Entries in WIN.INI30.10.2006Q92805320
enACC: Hints for Printing Mailing Labels18.01.2007Q92807276
enACC: Converting Julian Dates with Visual or Access Basic Code18.01.2007Q92816291
enWFWG May Hang If TCP/IP Hasn't Registered at Logon Time14.10.2003Q92877296
enWFWG Mail Incorrectly Displays Bad Network Connection Icon13.10.2003Q92880337
enLocal Printer Causes 1st Network Print Job to Disappear13.10.2003Q92996303
enToken Ring Cards and Local Addressing with WFWG13.10.2003Q93039243
enWorks: How to Print Only Selected Records from a Database06.10.2003Q93047267
enPC Win: Setup Does Not Change Language for Speller30.10.2006Q93074333
enACC: CreateControl() and CreateReportControl() Functions18.01.2007Q93095320
enPC Win: Fault in 8514.DRV After Typing in a Text Box30.10.2006Q93238401
enPC Win: Word Wrap Does Not Work Correctly When Using Tabs30.10.2006Q93241386
enPC Win: Backup MMF Allows Composing But Not Sending30.10.2006Q93242366
enACC: Form Opened in Form View Is Completely Blank18.01.2007Q93261757
dePRB: Problems with Using a Graphic Image in an .FRX File23.10.1999Q93330174
enPrinting Multiple Copies of an Address Label18.01.2007Q93347213
enWD: Word for Windows Does Not Support TWAIN Protocol18.01.2007Q93359375
enC2 evaluation and certification for Windows NT01.11.2006Q933621.825
enPUB: Differences between EPS Files and PostScript Print Files16.08.2005Q93403276
enHow to Import a Works for Windows Database to MS Access24.11.2003Q93429321
enSpooling LAN Man Printstation Files to a LAN Man Server30.09.2003Q93440231
enWININI.WRI from Windows for Workgroups Version
enDefault Entries in WFWG SCHDPLUS.INI File22.10.1999Q93477262
enIsolating General Printing Problems27.02.2007Q93503530
enPC Win: New Mail Notification -- Sound Chime & Flash Envelope30.10.2006Q93562352
enPC Win: Appears to Hang When Printing from Shared Folder30.10.2006Q93566358
enPC Win: Select All Does Not Highlight Any Messages30.10.2006Q93567323
enPC Win: Attachment Icon Redraws When Using BACKSPACE Key30.10.2006Q93572320
enPC Win: No Beep When Requested for New Mail30.10.2006Q93573318
enPC Win: Wrong Button Discussed in "Find a Name" Help Topic30.10.2006Q93574315
dePRB: FoxBASE+/Mac Installation Causes "Disk Full Error - 34"23.10.1999Q93586174
enISO 9660 Support for CD-ROM23.02.2007Q93604323
deUsing FoxBASE+/FoxPro for MS-DOS Databases on a Macintosh14.07.2001Q93617182
deUsing FoxBASE+/Mac .DBF Files with Microsoft Excel
deHow to Activate Screen Background Color in FoxBASE+/Mac23.10.1999Q93624142
deERR: "Incorrect Results" When Using SET EXACT in FoxBASE+/Mac23.10.1999Q93636162
enWindows Help Internal Variables06.11.1999Q93645297
deBUG: Hercules In-Color Graphics Card Displays in Black & White08.01.2003Q93659158
deSome Monochrome Monitors May Have Problems Displaying Menus09.01.2003Q93666155
deBUG: KeyDown & KeyUp Events Receive Same Key Codes08.01.2003Q93669164
deUsing Run on Program That Has Overlays Causes Incorrect Error08.01.2003Q93670249
deREAD With a Control Property Hangs the VBDOS.EXE Environment08.01.2003Q93671196
deUsing INPUT With Variable That Has Property Name Changes Code09.01.2003Q93672192
deIF Statement With NOT Operator Can Fail When Compiled In VB08.01.2003Q93673180
deDOEVENTS Function Does Not Yield CPU to Other Processes08.01.2003Q93675181
de"Unresolved external" With DECLARE and CDECL in a VB Form09.01.2003Q93676214
enACC: How to Dial a Phone Number in Microsoft Access (1.x/2.0)09.05.2003Q93696286
enACC: How to Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Works for Windows18.01.2007Q93698300
enINFO: MFC Application Idle Processing and Power Consumption21.11.2006Q93915372
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