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Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Test: Ist Ihr Windows ein Original?

Single-File-Version (05.06.1999)

Index-Based-Version (Archive - filtered view)

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Symptom Date Source D/L
enPC Win: Cannot Forward or Reply on Return Receipts30.10.2006Q86330332
enDifferences in feature capacities for Microsoft Project 1.x - 200318.01.2007Q86346286
enPC WSPlus: Header Information Is Displayed in Message Body16.08.2005Q86378290
enPC WSPlus: Auto-Pick Picks 1-Hour Slot for Appointment16.08.2005Q86379315
enPC WSPlus: Moving Appointments Off Line Gives Error Message16.08.2005Q86382328
enPC WSPlus: Importing Long Appointments Hides Buttons16.08.2005Q86383317
enPC WSPlus: Importing Calendar File Overwrites Notes16.08.2005Q86384302
enPC Win: Err Msg: The Folder Conversion Program...30.10.2006Q86389330
enBUG: OleCreateLinkFromFile Fails on CD-ROM-Based File03.03.2005Q86408288
enBUG: LIBENTRY.ASM Missing Include File Error06.11.1999Q86409328
enBUG: MDI More Windows Dialog Activates Wrong Child11.02.2004Q86412316
enPC WSPlus: Cannot Switch to Task List16.08.2005Q86603298
enPC WSPlus: Appointment or Message Window Off Screen16.08.2005Q86609297
enProblems When Exiting Windows or WFWG After Running 386 Enh16.11.2006Q86705296
enHow to Invoke Search in Windows Help from Visual Basic Program12.12.2003Q86771273
enHow To Define Private Messages for Application Use11.07.2005Q86835307
enMaximum Hard Drive Partitions with MS OS/2 1.3 for Server31.10.2006Q86863311
enBUG: PrintForm() Does Not Print Ink from Control09.01.2003Q86874334
enDescription of caching disk controllers in SQL Server07.12.2005Q86903887
enX400: How MTAs Initiate and Communicate30.10.2006Q86988252
enWD: Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification 1.716.11.2006Q86999357
enBUG: Dictionary Receives No DIRQ_SYMBOLGRAPH Message09.01.2003Q87006309
enBUG: Help Compiler Hangs When .HPJ File [MAP] Section Too Big14.02.2005Q87007331
enSMTP: Definition of SMTP30.10.2006Q87022285
enSMTP: Installing and Configuring a Downstream Postoffice30.10.2006Q87030288
enSMTP: What the Gateway to SMTP Does30.10.2006Q87045375
enCommand-Line Switches for MSCDEX.EXE18.01.2007Q871652.074
enWindows Err Msg: Fault in MS-DOS Extender18.01.2007Q87239292
enWhat Is a Clean Boot for Windows 3.1?10.10.2003Q87290282
enXL: How to Suppress Error Values on a Worksheet16.11.2006Q87299322
enBUG: OpenFile() API Fails on Novell Temp Drive05.11.1999Q87347315
enBUG: HPPCL Driver Reports SETABORTPROC Not Supported11.02.2005Q87348401
enBUG: Color PostScript Drivers Report Incorrect Data11.02.2005Q87349308
enBUG: GetGlyphOutline() Returns Partial Glyph11.02.2005Q87350332
enBUG: Scrolling DIB DC Fails11.02.2005Q87351334
enPC DB: ATT Directory Structure30.10.2006Q87378281
enPC DB: How to Tell if an ACCESS File Is Corrupt30.10.2006Q87465332
enPC DB: What the NETWORK.GLB File Is Used For30.10.2006Q87467323
enBUG: Setup CreateProgmanItem Does Not Overwrite Item11.03.2000Q87493325
enBUG: BitBlt() Bitmap on VGA Display Causes GP Fault11.02.2005Q87494284
enWorks Error: "Some Field Text Was Truncated"16.11.2006Q87647340
enInstalling the SNMP Agents on a 3Com Server30.09.2003Q87663318
enPRB: Menu Appears, Then Application Exits to Operating System01.12.2003Q87694293
enPRB: SendKeys May Return Illegal Function Call Error12.12.2003Q87773305
enTroubleshooting damaged documents in Word for Windows16.11.2006Q878561.339
enCodeView Gives "Bad DLL Format in 'Filename'"23.10.2003Q87922294
dePreventing Microsoft LINK From Running CVPACK08.10.1999Q87931159
enDefinition and Explanation of a .DLL file18.01.2007Q87934284
enPC WSPlus: No Error Message When Printers Removed16.08.2005Q87990303
enPPT: Error Opening Untranslated Presentation16.11.2006Q880821.705
enBUG: Cannot Access Static Data Members in Inline Assembly05.07.2005Q88092285
enACC: How to Add New Record to a Combo Box with a Double-Click18.01.2007Q88148337
enHow to Change Name and Company After Windows Installation22.03.2007Q88363247
enPC Win: Change Default Printer in Windows Not Changed in Mail30.10.2006Q88371296
enWD: Setting Up Different First Header/Footer for Even/Odd Pages16.11.2006Q88404355
enPRB: SetFocus During Form Load May Cause Illegal Function Call12.12.2003Q88477303
enTroubleshooting Microsoft and Compatible Mice in Windows14.11.2003Q88543282
enACC: Opening Databases as Read-Only Causes Error Message18.01.2007Q88649332
enACC: Functions for Calculating and Displaying Date/Time Values18.01.2007Q88657348
deDisabled Controls Do Not Generate Click Events on Parent08.01.2003Q88663184
enACC: How to Use the LIKE Operator in Parameter Queries18.01.2007Q88671263
enACC: How to Import Several dBASE Databases at Once (1.x/2.0)09.05.2003Q88764274
enCorel Draw! 3.0 TrueType Fonts Display Spaces as Squares18.01.2007Q88905349
enACC: How to Use the GetSystemMetrics() API Call11.10.2006Q88922332
enACC: How to Dim (Gray) Menu Items with Access Basic09.05.2003Q88940280
enOuter Join Syntax Example for SELECT-SQL Statement01.12.2003Q89181261
deMulti-User Access Not Supported in VB for MS-DOS ISAM08.01.2003Q89230224
deFRE(-3) Gives "Feature Unavailable" in Compiled .EXE08.01.2003Q89231158
deLimiting User Input in a VB for MS-DOS Text Box09.01.2003Q89232178
enWD97: How Word for Windows Uses Temporary Files16.11.2006Q892471.132
deIncreasing Speed in FoxBASE+23.10.1999Q89264194
deCombining Picture Clauses and Functions23.10.1999Q89265161
deDrawing a Box and Filling it with the CHR(177) Character23.10.1999Q89266162
deUsing the APPEND Command in FoxBASE+23.10.1999Q89267188
deUsing the BROWSE Command in FoxBASE+23.10.1999Q89268174
deThird-Party Products for FoxBASE+23.10.1999Q89272207
deMust Load Custom Controls with VBDOS.EXE Before Using FD.EXE08.01.2003Q89280173
deVB for MS-DOS KeyUp, KeyDown Events Always Occur in Pairs23.10.2003Q89281166
deCannot Deselect Controls from a Group in Form Designer08.01.2003Q89282179
dePRB: Parent Menu Click Event May Hang Under Certain Conditions08.01.2003Q89283171
enManual Page Breaks Ignored with Fit To Page/Adjust To16.11.2006Q89311318
enTransparent Blts in Windows NT21.11.2006Q89375251
enAPPEND.EXE Causes Problems in All Versions of Windows16.11.2006Q89379300
enGP Fault in WFWG Mail May Suppress Password12.10.2003Q89484276
enACC: Topics Supported by Microsoft Access as a DDE Server09.05.2003Q89586312
enACC: How to Display Immediate Window Without Module Window09.05.2003Q89594706
enACC: How to Use a Microsoft Access Macro to Quit Windows18.01.2007Q89596249
enACC: How to Minimize, Maximize, and Restore MS Access (1.x/2.0)09.05.2003Q89597312
enBUG: Complex Clipping Region Might Cause UAE/GP Fault11.02.2005Q89641278
enWD97: Error Msg: Text Formatted with No Proofing Was Skipped16.11.2006Q89646462
deFoxBASE+ 2.1 Memory Requirements23.10.1999Q89668179
deFoxBASE+ Configuration and Capacity23.10.1999Q89669173
deConfiguring FoxBASE+ Memory Use in CONFIG.FX23.10.1999Q89670188
deConverting a FoxBASE File to FoxBASE+ Format23.10.1999Q89671178
deImporting Dates from a Text File into FoxBASE+/Mac23.10.1999Q89672177
deRunning Multi-user FoxBASE+ Code on a Stand-alone Machine23.10.1999Q89674166
enHow to use Visual Basic for Applications to count the occurrences of a character in a selection in Excel16.11.2006Q89794289
enToolbar Buttons Extend Beyond the Toolbar in File Manager16.11.2006Q89880313
enINF: Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server 6.x Replication23.02.2004Q89937322
enWD97: Fields Updated When Document Repaginated16.11.2006Q89953410
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