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Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Test: Ist Ihr Windows ein Original?

Single-File-Version (05.06.1999)

Index-Based-Version (Archive - filtered view)

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Symptom Date Source D/L
enSolver Error Messages16.11.2006Q724151.091
enWD97: Suppressing Blank Spaces in a Print Merge (Mail Merge)16.11.2006Q72441970
enBUG: Complex Graphics Image Partially Printed11.02.2005Q724931.051
enPRJ: Letters Cut Off When Printing Attached Text on Gantt Chart25.11.2003Q725221.001
enMapVirtualKey() Maps Keypad Keys Incorrectly11.07.2005Q725831.175
enManipulating Program Manager Groups Using DDE Interface07.07.2005Q72907730
enHOWTO: VB Can Determine if Specific Windows Program Is Running12.12.2003Q72918902
enFIX: Overflow in VB Drawing Circle Segment w/ Radius of Zero18.11.2003Q732801.095
enHOWTO: How to Use PeekMessage() Correctly in Windows21.11.2006Q740421.420
enEmulating Expanded Memory Using EMM386.EXE12.05.2003Q742102.681
enFIX: Overflow Error If Print Long String to Form or Printer18.11.2003Q745171.217
deRestrictions Applying to FORTRAN 5.1 Windows DLLs05.05.2001Q74544897
deExpanding Microsoft Mouse Driver 7.04 from Windows 3.0 Disks23.09.2003Q74703819
enExample of Client-Server DDE Between Visual Basic Applications12.12.2003Q74861805
enINFO: DDE Example Between Visual Basic and Word for Windows24.11.2003Q74862758
enAuthoring Windows Help Files for Performance11.12.2001Q74937783
enHow To Initiate DDE from Visual Basic for Windows to Excel for Windows21.02.2005Q75089777
enINFO: Windows, Code Pages, and Character Sets11.02.2005Q754351.632
enACC2: Years Between 00 and 29 Are Interpreted as 1900 to 192909.01.2007Q75455895
enHow To Accurately Showing on the Screen What Will Print21.11.2006Q75469872
enHow to Use CodeView for Windows (CVW.EXE) with Visual Basic12.12.2003Q75612960
enAccessing Windows Initialization Files from Visual Basic12.12.2003Q75639749
enParagraph Inserted with Paste Linked Spreadsheet from Excel16.11.2006Q75717958
enHow to reduce lock contention in SQL Server13.12.2005Q757221.084
enHow to Print the ASCII Character Set in Visual Basic12.12.2003Q75857847
enHow to Convert Text to Numbers in Excel16.11.2006Q759451.049
enMS-DOS 6.x Setup: Error Renaming Old Utilities16.11.2006Q76242849
enWorks: Protect Data Disables Headers & Footers in Spreadsheet16.11.2006Q762891.110
enWorks: Which Symbols to Type to Find/Replace Special Characters16.11.2006Q76292901
enBUG: PostScript Driver Version 3.4 Returns Incorrect Page Size11.02.2005Q763641.019
enRelationship Between Inches, Picas, Points, Pitch, and Twips16.11.2006Q76388887
enMacro to Save All Open Worksheets in Excel30.07.2001Q76442821
enCreating a Nonscrollable Region in Windows Help
enPC Adm: How to Tell Who Owns a Group or Shared Folder30.10.2006Q765221.026
enConditionally Activating a Button in Windows Help07.03.1999Q76534993
enMyFont.exe - Creating a Custom Raster Font11.02.2005Q76535892
enBUG: Protected-Mode GlobalCompact() Return Not Free Memory11.07.2005Q766861.075
deWUGNET.TXT: Putting Windows on a Network10.10.1999Q76761599
deREADME.TXT: Using Windows with Multimedia Extensions20.12.2000Q76765645
deREADME.TXT: What If You Run Out of Memory?29.09.1999Q76769789
deREADME.TXT: Using the Swapfile Utility15.10.1999Q76770776
deREADME.TXT: Giving Maximum Priority to an Application23.10.1999Q76772833
deREADME.TXT: Using Windows 2.x Drivers with Windows
deREADME.TXT: Running Specific Non-Windows Applications10.10.1999Q76776754
deREADME.TXT: Running Specific Windows Applications24.10.1999Q76777843
deREADME.TXT: General Notes About Applications20.12.2000Q76780621
deREADME.TXT: General Notes About Hardware20.12.2000Q76783620
deMS-DOS Application Unable to Use Audio in 386 Enhanced Mode11.12.1999Q76804826
deClicking Noises While Playing Sounds on Sound Blaster Feature01.10.1999Q76805693
deNo Multimedia Features in Real Mode with Multimedia Windows23.10.1999Q76815828
deSYSTEM.INI Settings for Multimedia Windows04.02.2002Q768162.032
deMoney: Incorrect or No Future Transaction Notification05.01.2005Q76843837
deREADME.TXT: Using HIMEM.SYS26.09.1999Q76850767
deSound Driver Plays Portion of Sound, Then Stops06.10.1999Q76855777
deMultimedia Windows Requires Updated IBM CD-ROM Driver03.10.1999Q76856738
deMIDIMAP.INI Edited Through Control Panel30.10.1999Q76867868
deAuthoring Device-Independent MIDI Files05.11.1999Q76868790
deSupport for DSP Access in Multimedia Windows10.10.1999Q76871876
deMultimedia Installable Driver SYSTEM.INI Entries13.10.1999Q76872882
deMSCDEX CD-ROM Driver and Windows with Multimedia Extensions20.12.2000Q76874811
deAudio Option and Windows with Multimedia Extensions Setup15.10.1999Q76875863
deSetup Detects an Installed Copy of Windows on Hard Drive05.11.1999Q76878791
deInformation Needed Before Setup of Multimedia Extensions07.10.1999Q76880677
deMultimedia Windows: Problems with SCRNSVR.EXE and IDLEWILD.EXE05.12.1999Q769391.103
enFIX: Sample Program BELL.C Causes R6001 Error22.10.2003Q76945922
deBUG: PWB May Hang If <ASSIGN> Pseudofile Not Closed30.10.1999Q76950839
enVB3: HOWTO: Terminate Windows from a Visual Basic Application12.12.2003Q76981875
enBUG: FormName Not in Correct Order After Out of Memory Error12.12.2003Q76983848
enExplanation of Embedded Links vs. Embedded Objects16.11.2006Q769931.124
deWindows 3.0a Printer Drivers07.07.2005Q77048808
enOptimizing Your Use of Upper Memory Blocks16.11.2006Q770832.250
enFIX: Compiler Hang with /Zi or /Od, INTERFACE Statement23.10.2003Q772581.060
enWorks for Windows Additions to the WIN.INI File16.11.2006Q77277757
enWD: Setting the AutoSave-Path in Word22.05.2003Q775352.559
enWorks: Performing Summary Calculations in Works Database Report16.11.2006Q776061.116
enNesting Quotation Marks Inside Windows Help Macros11.02.2002Q77748991
enPRB: Vertical Scroll Bars Missing from Windows Help07.03.1999Q77841986
enPC DB: Description of Mail Database Subdirectories30.10.2006Q77926740
enVB3 How to Get Windows Master List (Task List)12.12.2003Q78001667
enFloating-point arithmetic may give inaccurate results in Excel26.02.2007Q78113951
enHelp Does Not Support Side-by-Side Paragraphs29.10.2003Q78242952
enIntermittent File Corruption Problem07.02.2002Q78303969
enWD: How to Add Field to Print "Continued" in Word Footers18.01.2007Q78313932
enWD: Word Doesn't Propose Correct "Address To"16.11.2006Q78594794
enExcel: Replacing Text in Cell Notes16.11.2006Q786441.061
enFonts in Works for Windows Dialog Box Corrupted16.11.2006Q78651709
enIBM ROM Diagnostic and Power-On-Self-Test Errors 1500-199930.07.2001Q78919959
enPRB: Format$ Using # for Digit Affects Right Alignment12.12.2003Q79094830
enWinWord Setup Fails on Disk 2; DRIVPARM Solution16.11.2006Q792071.701
enHow To Drawing Transparent Bitmaps11.02.2005Q79212994
dePRB: Syntax Error in FL.DEF Caused by Wrong LINK.EXE05.05.2001Q79287793
enWorks: How to Move Fields in Works Database List View16.11.2006Q79376884
enWorks Err Msg: Cannot Find File or File Already Open16.11.2006Q794701.193
enWD: "No Proofing" Is Selected If Two Languages Are Selected16.11.2006Q794821.035
enUsing Shell Statement to Access MS-DOS Prompt from WinWord16.11.2006Q79696893
enINFO: Old Style (K&R) Declarations Are Not Supported in C++11.12.2003Q798451.034
enHow to Move Controls Between Forms in VB for Windows12.12.2003Q79884735
enWinWord: Updating Link Does Not Show Percentage Complete16.11.2006Q79912990
enWorks: Troubleshooting Circular References in Works16.11.2006Q79970960
enHow To Convert Between Device-Dependent Bitmaps and DIBs11.02.2005Q80080712
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